Passionate About Languages, Driven by Technology

Who Are We?

Linguists, computer scientists, project managers, language fanatics, 127,097 translators and 59,539 customers who rely on us every day.

This is who we are.


Translated was founded in 1999 by a linguist and a computer scientist with the aim of exploiting technology to increase the quality of human translation, while reducing its turnaround time and cost. Since its conception, Translated has closed all fiscal years with a net profit and can now count on a team of 127,097 professional, native-language translators and a vast and enviable portfolio of customers.

Our aim, right from day one, has been to offer our customers a guarantee of cost, quality and quick delivery. We have always stood apart from our competitors due to our capacity to integrate technology into the translation process.

This, as well as our total respect for the confidentiality of customers’ documents, has allowed us to quickly win the trust of major multinational and government customers, such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, RAI Television, ENEL and L’Oréal to name just a few.

Mission and Know-how

Our aim is to facilitate the internationalization of our customers’ businesses from a linguistic standpoint.

To offer a high quality/price ratio we have decided to offer a completely Internet-based service. After an initial investment to automate the project management and human resources workflows, we have been able to eliminate costs that make traditional translation agencies less competitive. We offer a more personal service with significantly lower turnaround times and order management costs. We have been able to focus our efforts instead on better translator selection and on the development of ad hoc customer solutions.